Dana Cope workplace safety

In his position as Executive Director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC), Dana Cope currently fights for state employee rights like fair pay, benefits, and one of the most fundamental workplace rights: workplace safety.  Workplace safety is the focus of occupational safety and health (OSH), which is a discipline that focuses on protecting the safety, health, and welfare for employees. Federal legislation has helped to make American workplaces safer by regulating safety equipment (helmets, face masks, yellow vests, etc. when necessary), and by conducting inspections of American workplaces. These inspections are handled by the Department of Labor.

Dana Cope became involved with the enforcement of workplace safety when he accepted a position with the North Carolina Department of Labor in 1992.  Dana Cope worked as the Director of Governmental Affairs, which meant that he frequently collaborated with the Commissioner of Labor. Dana Cope managed senior staff at the Raleigh office and determined budgetary priorities while coordinating activities involving the US Congress and North Carolina General Assembly.  Dana Cope also helped develop the legislative agenda for the Department of Labor, identifying additional workplace safety issues for the organization to advocate.

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