Save the American Dream Rally

In 2011 Wisconsin governor Scott Walker introduced Assembly Bill 11 to the Wisconsin State Assembly. This bill aimed to prevent a budget shortfall by collecting additional government funds. These funds would be raised by busting state employee unions, primarily eliminating their collective bargaining power as it pertained to pensions, health care, and pay raises for state employees. This sparked a series of protests on both sides of the political spectrum including a series of “Save the American Dream” rallies in support of state union workers.

Dana Cope is the Executive Director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC), SEIU Local 2008, so he understands the importance of collective bargaining. For this reason, Dana Cope was asked to speak at the Raleigh, North Carolina “Save the American Dream Rally.” Dana Cope arrived dressed in red and white to show solidarity for the striking workers in Wisconsin, and exclaimed that it was time for a revolution.  During his 10 minute speech, Dana Cope made the case for continuing collective bargaining rights and demanded an end to corporate welfare at the expense of state workers.

View the full speech by Dana Cope below:

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